Over A Century of Innovation The McMackin Corporation has maintained a philosophy of offering expertise that translates to added value for its customers since the company was founded in 1900.
The first half of the last century McMackin focused on becoming a leading commodity supplier to the food and beverage industry by staying abreast of the latest technologies and equipment offerings. As the industry saw extensive consolidation during the 1970's and 1980's, McMackin expanded its offerings to include reliable production machinery and container handling systems.

Industry consolidation also presented the need for intermittent engineering planning and administration skills. McMackin responded to this need by leveraging decades of accumulated industry experience to add the value of engineering services to its offerings.  The demands for these services were intermittent so it was not practical for the larger companies, even those with engineering staffs, to assume this responsibility themselves.  McMackin has developed and refined the resources and skills necessary to meet this need. 

In 1989 National Process Systems was incorporated into the McMackin family allowing us to supply our customers with top quality process systems and components.   Providing  process equipment  has not replaced our machinery/systems activities but runs parallel with that service.  We continue to have commercial agreements with manufacturers of exceptional equipment.  We have found, as systems integrators, that these commitments keep us up to date on advances in technology. 

Today, the suite of technical services available through McMackin’s team of industry professionals fully complements the equipment found in the lines it represents.  As a Systems Integrator in the food, beverage, and life science manufacturing industries, McMackin and National Process Systems provide quality services and exceptional equipment to its customers through its network of respected professionals and proven suppliers. With over 100 years of industry experience, we deliver unprecedented value and unsurpassed excellence.